Sunday, February 25, 2007

250,000 Chinese commit suicide every year

Chinanews, Beijing, Feb. 26 – A recent study shows that in China, about 250,000 people commit suicide every year, and suicide has become the prime cause for the death of young people. In addition, 1.5 million people suffer from emotional trauma brought by the death of their friends or relatives, the China Youth Daily reported.

Chinese society is in a transitional period when economy is developing fast and social disparity is becoming wider. The rapid changes in society make many people suffer from various kinds of mental illness.

An investigation shows that in China, the incidence of psychological diseases has surpassed that of cardiovascular diseases to become the most common disease. Another study shows that in China, some 30 million young people suffer from various kinds of mental illness, with 21.6%-32% of them being primary or middle school students and 16%-25.4% being college students. The number of students suffering from mental diseases is still on the rise.

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