Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Lottery made 1 millionaire every 2.4 days in Guangdong

In 2006, 151 people in Guangdong Province won a-million-yuan or above prizes in lottery. That is to say, averagely a millionaire got his/her fortune through lottery every 2.4 days, Guozhou Daily reported citing the data released on March 4th by the Guangdong Welfare Lottery Sales Center.

Meanwhile, Guangdong led the whole country with a total of 4.87 billion yuan welfare lottery sales.

These prizewinners included factory workers, car repairers, civil servants, and car business managers. A migrant worker, for instance, spent 30 yuan for lottery regularly every time, and finally won the top prize of 5 million yuan last April. Another top prizewinner, a car business manager, bought more than 300-yuan lottery tickets at one time, one of which earned him 5 million yuan.

Most of these fresh millionaires will choose to buy houses at first with the money, some of whom will go to pay the housing mortgage as soon as possible.

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