Saturday, March 3, 2007

'One-child' policy violators to be put on shame list

The rich and famous who have ignored the country's family planning policy by having more than one child will have to pay a heavy price, China Daily reported citing a senior official with the National Population and Family Planning Commission.

In addition to hefty fines, they will have their names recorded in an official "bad credit" file and be disqualified for any awards and honours from society, Yu Xuejun, director of the commission's Department of Policies and Laws, was quoted by China Daily as saying.

Yu said the commission is drafting a regulation with "concrete measures" to punish the rich and famous for having more than one child, but he did not give details.

China has maintained its family planning policy since the early 1970s. It has helped reduce the country's population by 400 million and had delayed the present 1.3 billion population mark by four years.

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