Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dead for love?Or just too fragile?

The couple's hands were still tied together with a red wire, two days after their deaths.

The fragile and helpless are most prone to become hopeless. Many may disdain them for their lack of courage if they choose to die, but a couple who recently ended their lives thus said in their will:

"You will never understand. This is our love."

Facing huge obstacles to overcome to live together, this young couple chooses to die together. Their bodies were found in the Yangtze River, and hands were tied together with a red wire.

A man fishing by the river in Southwest China's Chongqing Metropolis found two floating bodies and immediately reported the police on April 7, but by that time, they had been dead for two days. Both were in trim clothing, and the 26-year-old man's right hand was tied to the 20-year-old woman's left hand by a one-meter-long red rubber wire, which kept them together despite the raging tides of the river.

While the police was still doing investigation, a man named Wang Yu came to claim the bodies, with the couple's in his hand.

According to Wang Yu, the man is Wang Feng, his younger brother, who was a chef and went to work in Lanzhou of Northwest China's Gansu Province. He fell in love with a local girl named Liu Yan. Later they came to work in Chongqing, living in a room of Wang Yu's.

Just as every couple in fervent love would do, they began to plan their marriage in early April, only to learn that parents from both sides were against it. For the Wangs, they think Liu's hometown in Gansu is too far from Chongqing, and Liu's family asked for a betrothal gift of 20,000 yuan (US$ 2590), which the Wangs could not afford.

Wang Fu went to look for his brother on April 5, but the room was empty, except a will. Wang Yu's effort to try to search Wang Feng went in vain until he heard about the bodies found from Yangtze River two days later.

The will, written in the evening of April 4, revealed that they died for love.

"Please don't look for us anymore. Please forgive our helplessness. We cannot lose each other. We live in each other's life. You will never understand. This is our love."

At the end of the will was the girl's handwriting, "Please do not tell (my) parents. You will have to keep the secret for us."

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