Thursday, April 26, 2007

Warning, Bohai Sea is dying!

According to a report by CCTV, pollution is killing Bohai Sea in the Circum-Bohai Economic Ring, one of the fastest-developing economic zones in China. It is estimated that Bohai Sea will be dead in no more than 10 years, if nothing is done to control the pollution.

According to the investigations by the National Oceanic Administration, 80% of pollutants in Bohai Sea are from the coast around it. Bohai, which only covers 2.6% of the total sea area of China, devours 40% of sewage discharged to the ocean. About 47% of the total volume of pollutants dumped into the ocean is also dumped here.

Bohai Sea used to be a major fishing ground, particularly famous for its hairtails, which can hardly be found nowadays. Rampaging pollution has led to several fatal red tides already.

"The ecological function of Bohai as a sea is partly lost now, with more and more of it being polluted, particularly in the sense of fishery," said Gao Zhiguo, the director of the Institute of Development Strategies of the National Oceanic Administration.

Statistics also reflect that 81% of drain pipes on the coast around Bohai Sea release much more sewage than they are allowed into Bohai Sea, not to mention 70% of such pipes are located in tourist resorts, nature reserves and mariculture zones.

Bohai Sea being a closed gulf, has very poor self-purification ability. Statistics show that it takes at least 16 years for Bohai Sea to complete a water exchange cycle. In a word, China must stop polluting Bohai Sea as soon as possible.

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