Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Man dresses as carrot to propose to his girlfriend in public along with 49 carrot friends

A man and his 49 friends dressed up as carrots wearing sunglasses to propose to his girlfriend on Aug 7, in Qingdao city.
After meeting his girlfriend at the local shopping plaza, Mr. Pang hide himself to the bathroom and quickly changed into his suit.
When he returned his was joined by pals and they all started bopping away to music - much to the amazement of Pang's girlfriend.
When they finally stopped for a breather, a hush descended over the crowd and a recording of Pang's voice was played over the loudspeaker.

'Six months ago I met you,' his voice began.
'I still remember your shyness at our first date, my longing for the next date and my excitement when the first time I held your hand at the movie theatre.'
Suddenly Pang threw off his suit and got down on one knee to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Naturally she said yes - much to the gathered crowd's delight.

According to Pang he had spent three weeks planning the stunt.

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