Monday, August 22, 2011

Sexual service in Dongguan city, South China

In Dongguan city of south China, there are many hotels in which many unemployed ladies give sexual service under strict management of a company.

The ladies have to work following a set of strong process “erotic standard” – so called “ISO”. It is a sophisticated structure behind the large and complex erotic industrial chain. Beauty Sex workers have to complete 15 to 30 pornography service in 2 hours , such as the beginning of colorful dance, facial expressions, and customer can get the number of orgasms. The rise of manufacturing industry make standardized production in Dongguan in recent years. The local manufacturing practitioners deride this service standard for porn industry of”ISO”, the “ISO” and afterwards assessment system: almost all the hotel sauna require customers to service for more than ten detailed separate evaluation, and once the sex beauty do not finish their duty job, they will be deduct pay strictly.

Before the sex worker start serve customers, they have to take system training. The training contents combine diversity, modernization and it focus on foreign advanced experience for reference. Some people learn it from HongKong and Taiwan, and they send sex workers to Japan to learn the advanced adult erotic sauna service. The teaching process is intensity than factory technician training including with fruit exercise to sex workers mouth strength etc.

In weekends thousands of men from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hongkong will drive to Dongguan to enjoy the high class sexual service.

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