Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Policeman returns lost 130,000 dollars in Shenzhen

Zhang Yuan is a 21-year-old armed policeman in southern China Shenzhen city. He was on duty at Shenzhen Foreign Languages School, the venue of the 2011 Universiade basketball match, when he found a bag containing 130,000 dollars cash in a bathroom on last Sunday.

Zhang immediately reported the find to his supervisor. They found the owner three hours later. The owner Ye, 57, had borrowed the money from a friend to buy a property in Shenzhen on Sunday. He took the money to a basketball match between Mexico and South Korea. During the game, he went to the toilet where he received a phone call from his friend and left the toilet in a rush for the rest of the game. Ye offered Zhang 30,000 yuan as a reward, but Zhang refused.

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